About us

Marble & Co. is an event planner company that was established to bring up love and fun in a party. It started with one mommy asking us if we could help her on her baby girl’s party. Since then we’ve styled birthday parties, full moon celebrations, company events and weddings.


We’ve done various themes such as princess, cooking, wizardry, fairy tales, construction, forest. It is basically too much to list them all here. You can check some of our events at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/marbleandco.com.my/

Marble & Co. adores every new arrival and embraces each of their chapter in life — that’s why we find much joy in designing your loved one’s parties from birthdays to weddings.

Share an experience, jerk a tear, spare some wisdom, tell us your ideas and we might just design something together. We love to create and create to love.